Handkerchief OEM/ODM, Manufacture of various fabrics, Sales of own label products.

Technique / Equipment

Our products are "Sakizome", prior threads dyeing before weaving, just same as the Banshu-weaving.

We produce the Dobby and Jacquard fabrics by higher skills and applicability we have cultivated through weaving more than 5,000 high quality handkerchiefs, a great number of parasol fabric and various fabrics.
As handkerchief is considered the most difficult weaving fabric,
our products are widely recognized as being first class and world's top level.
Since our company is also a factory, it is enabled us to do a consistent produce from initial design to sampling and production, also to make a fine amendment of Mon and a color matching.
We also support a wide variety of product and a small minimum order.
In recent years, we have developed up a new technical approach on weaving such as full colored photographic weaving.
We also actively collaborate with other production areas and seek for a new technical development.


Factory managers are the two generations, father and son.
The son who has been come in and out the factory since his childhood brought up looking at his father's back as a artisan, is now the manager of the factory.
Based on tradition and technology handed down from father to son, we produce quality products with never compromised.


We operate various of jacquard loom and dobby loom so that we can manage a wide range of order.
Some primitive model of dobby looms are still in operation too.
Also we are in the tie-up with other local weaving factories.

*Jacquard loom; Each warp can be moved independently, so complex patterns can be weaved.
*Dobby loom; Move the warp in groups. It is suitable for weaving repeated patterns such as regular plaid pattern.