Handkerchief OEM/ODM, Manufacture of various fabrics, Sales of own label products.

Business Content

AE Handkerchief CO.,LTD is a company that produces based in the production area of the traditional dyed cotton fabric "Banshu-weaving",
since founded in 1868, the early Meiji period.
In 1970, we changed the company name from "AE Shokufu CO.,Ltd." to the current name, we mainly do handkerchief OEM/ODM.
Weaving handkerchief must needs higher skills, as it is much more difficult than the other weaved fabric.
With the skill and knowledge we have cultivated through weaving high quality handkerchiefs, we offers and manufactures a variety of fabrics.
About our technology and facilities, please click here for details.

Since our company is also a factory , it is enabled us to do a consistent produce from initial design to sampling and production with fine, quick respond.
*Also at a partner factory if fabric processing service and sewing are needed.

[ Main manufacturing fabric ]
 ・Scarf and shawl
 ・Shirt fabric
 ・Various fabrics such as for parasol, bag fabric, wrapping cloth and fashion accessories etc.

[ Process ]
Request → Initial design → Final design → Yarn dyeing → Warping → Sizing → Weaving → Final processing → Sewing → Delivery

Our technical ability and experience are also utilizing well for our own label, founded in 2008, which we plans and produced by ourselves.
In addition, we employs a young generations to the planning department or the design department, to diversify our business and strive to revitalize the aging society.
Enquires on our service and production are always welcome so feel free to contact us.