Handkerchief OEM/ODM, Manufacture of various fabrics, Sales of own label products.

Own label

We are working to contribute to the development of the production area through our manufacturing and sales.
Wholesale is available. Product details and any other inquiries, please go to the brand website.


Our first original label founded in 2008.
Started with the Gothic Lolita parasol which made with quality jacquard fabrics woven at our factory decorated with frills and laces.
Currently we produce parasol, umbrella, handkerchief, scarf, accessory and clothes.
Not only for Gothic Lolita style lover but also for wide range of age groups.

Any enquires about Lumiebre, contact us here.


Founded in 2012, orit is the label that takes advantage of our weaving technology. Word "orit" means "weaver craftsman" in Japanese.
From the beginning of the project, we keep speaking to weavers to produce high quality of weaving products that can be made because of the traditional birthplace of Banshu-ori.
Started with the quality cotton scarf, we currently produce mini-chiefs and cotton neck warmers.
Please feel a great quality and texture different from the others directly on your skin.

Any enquires about orit, contact us here.