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About Banshu-ori

Banshu-ori is a traditional cotton weaved fabric lasts more than 200 years in the Banshu area (North Harima), centre of Japan, Nishiwaki city, Hyogo.
Characteristic of this Banshu-ori is Sakizome, the yarn-dyed, dyeing the thread first and then weave. This method enable to weave various kinds of patterns by carefully arranged of dyed yarns.
Originally, most of Banshu-ori fabrics were plain cotton weaved but with the recent development of weaving technique such as jacquard loom and dobby loom, there are lots of new attempts going on.
We promise to offer you high quality products that can only be made from the historic Banshu-ori area.


Yarn-dyed fabric

Dyeing the threads with various colors then weave using those threads.
In Banshu-ori area, this dyed thread is also called Iroito, the color threads.
This yarn-dyed fabric is completed with weft yarns comes in warp yarns lined up one by one neatly, and it is characterized by a deep, beautiful color dyed up to the core of the threads.